What's going to happen?

What can you expect from me? How will this relationship work? How long does it all take?

Initial Conversation

Everything starts with a conversation. The chances are you won't be coming to me with a fully-detailed brief of your requirements. So we'll have a chat. I'll ask you about your house, what works and what doesn't, what you would like and what you would hate. You might show me photos or Pinterest clippings, and before long I'll have a pretty good idea of what might work.

Initial Design

The fun part. Nothing is off the table. We get to go mad and let our imaginations run free. There may be 2, 3, 4 iterations before we get to a design that ticks all the boxes and seems likely to be affordable. I generally use 'SketchUp' for this stage (see image above).

Detailed Design / Planning

We're getting a bit more hard-edged and accurate now. Everything will be dimensioned and measured. If Planning Permission is needed this is when the application is made. Drawings will migrate to CAD.

Tender / Working Drawings

This is where you get to set out in exhausting detail what you want your Builder to construct. Everything from the amount and type of insulation, to the number and position of the light switches. The more information we provide, the more accurate the price will be.


So you have chosen your preferred contractor (it might be one recommended by us, or your neighbour, or your brother-in-law) and now your house is being pulled apart. My main role now is to keep you calm and create space and time for you to make the myriad of decisions that will come at you. Deep breaths, all will be well.


Phew! We made it. Your house is your own again and you can throw the well-earned party to show it off. But what if there's a leak next winter, or a funny crack appears. Not to worry, both myself and the Contractor will be on hand for at least a year to help right any snags. All part of the service.